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Class Descriptions - Here are some of the classes we offer available as group classes or parties. There are many more. Just ask if you have something special in mind!

Basic Stringing    Learn the very productive and professional crimping technique. With this class you'll learn the methods for making endless bracelets, necklaces, eyeglass straps, lariats, watches. You'll also learn basic wire working by making a 'beaded bauble' to hang from you bracelets! Class project: 1-2 bracelets. 2HRS. Cost: $30*   1HR Class is $15*-

Basic Wire Working    You'll acquire the tips, tools, and techniques to use wire for making earring, charms, wrapping, twisting, hammering, decor, etc. Endless options abound when you take this 'get comfortable with wire' course. Class project: Cost $30* 

Wire Wraps & Rings (advanced wire) Take wire working to the next level. We'll cover new wrapping techniques and create wrapped bangle bracelets and rings! You'll have a lot of assisted hands on and Q&A. Prerequisite = Basic Wire Working Class. Cost: $45* 

Wire and Chain Working     Now that you've learned the basics, learn to use chain in your creations. Whether ready-made or assembled yourself, chain lends a delicate or eclectic boost to your designs. Prerequisite=Basic Wire Working or Earrings class. Cost $35 *

Hemp!    Learn to braid, macramé and add beads to your hemp designs. Hemp can be used for necklaces, bracelets, anklets and for other daily items such as key chains, belts, and home decor! Cost $30* 

Art Clay or PMC Precious Metal Clay   Precious Metal Clay is a clay that results in pure .999 fine silver after firing. Anything can be created with it including beautiful pendants, beads, jewelry components, statues...anything you can form with clay. It's amazing! Class project: Pendant  Cost: $75*+$25 materials fees to instructor.

Figure 8    This is a simple yet stunning technique of weaving beads to make a design suitable for daily use or for that event of the year such as a wedding or formal party! The design can be used for whatever you desire...bracelets, necklaces, decor! Great wedding necklaces. Class project: bracelet    Cost:$39+beads* 

The Spiral       An absolutely gorgeous technique typically using those beautiful Delica beads. We'll show you how to accomplish the spiral design and then show you more options to vary and beautify your creations! $35+beads*

Beaded Ornaments    Beaded ornaments make the perfect gift or heirloom. You'll learn to do bead netting around an ornament. Then you can use the technique to decorate anything from Easter Eggs to candle holders and wine bottles. Once you learn how, it's such a simple beautiful way to bead.  Class project: Beaded Ornament  Cost $45+beads*

Fused Glass Jewelry Part 1 (cold fuse) Fantastic techniques layering glass to create your own stunning jewelry pieces, pendants, components & beads. 3hrs. Class project: 2-3 pendants. $55* (+$12 materials fee)

Fused Glass Jewelry Part 2 (hot fuse) Fantastic techniques layering glass to create your own stunning jewelry pieces, pendants, components & beads. Then fuse or melt them together in our kiln. 3.5 hrs Class project 2-3 pendants. $75* (+$15 materials fee) After class, use your own kiln at home or rent kiln time at local studios such as Hands On Creativity Center or Dakota Stained Glass. 

Beaded Beads or Peyote Stitch    We offer basic classes in even count, odd count and brick stitch. The peyote stitch can be used for so many things and in so many forms. You will develop a new style all your own and we will get you started down the right path! Cost: $35*

ChainMaile    Use metal rings to create chain and patterns in chain. You will learn the basics: byzantine, 4-in-1, bird's nest, adding beads and helpful tips and tricks from our chain maile lady! A very fun and addictive skill!  Cost:$45*

Home Decor w/Beads    Decorate anything around the house with wire and beads. Vases, salt & pepper shakers, lamps...the possibilities are endless. In this class you will complete a beaded vase which we will provide and one object of your choice that you will bring. Cost: $35*

Wire Beaded Cuff: Learn to bend, shape and texturize wire into a cuff bracelet. Embellish by adding wire wrapping, beads, stones, metal, etc. This class is a big hi! A good class to follow Basic Wire. 

 Chandelier Earrings: Learn how to make endless pairs of simple or dangling earrings! Great for the holidays or special occasions! You will also learn charms and basic wire techniques in this class.

Beaded Egg Ornaments  A great seasonal reason to learn this beautiful beaded ornament technique to create heirlooms, decor and meaningful, timeless gifts. Also perfect for the Christmas holidays.

Basic Soldering:  Learn how to solder with sterling silver and a torch! Fine silver fusing will also be introduced. This is a great starting point to silversmithing in the future. 3hrs, $75, This fills FAST!

Basic Wire: You will learn to bend, twist, shape, texture and wrap wire.  Make earrings, pendants, baubles and home decor with wire, beads and found objects.  Students will have much hands-on practice and leave with examples.

Hemp & Macrame  Learn the hemp and macrame basics such as 4 strand knotting in flat or twist styles. Add any beads you wish to make bracelets, necklaces and more.


Basic Wire Working 

6-8p, $30 includes supplies. Bend, shape, twist & wrap wire to create earrings, charms, findings, etc. This is 2 hours of hands on about all of those stubborn little wire tricks.

Beaded Rings  

6-8p, $30 includes supplies. Learn multiple techniques for making rings. Simple & small or eclectic & ornate, you'll learn to make rings to fit any finger or personality.

Hammered Wire Jewelry   

Learn to hammer & texture wire forms and shapes to use as focal points or components in your jewelry design. This adds a professional, sophisticated, eclectic and impressive element to your work. $45+ accent beads

Belt Buckles & Beadables 

Make your own beaded or jeweled belt buckle. We'll help with the technique and design. You'll also get ideas for other beadable items like wine bottle stoppers, pens, rings, pendants, home decor, etc. $45+ bring or buy beads or jewels

Coil Bracelet  

A new twist on linking wire and wire working techniques. Alternate these hand formed wire coils with beads, make a pattern or go for all metal for a unique raw look.  $45+ accent beads

Woven Word /Silk Slide Bracelet  

Create an adjustable silk macrame bracelet. It can be casual or dressy, have letter or other beads and can be made with various stringing materials.  $30+ accent beads

Viking Wire Weave 

Learn the ins and outs (and there are a lot of them) of this interesting weave pattern. This ancient technique of drawing adn weaving wire will be mastered while you create a stunning bracelet of fine silver. $50+wire and clasp purchased at class (SJ)

Fine Silver Fusing 

Fused fine silver chain gives an organic look to your jewelry. Students explore the techniques of fusing, shaping, hammering, stamping, oxidization of fine silver. $60 + materials (torch, bentnose pliers, silver wire can be purchased at class)   (SJ)

Enameling 101 

A perfect introduction to the art of enameling, a basic class for the beginner new to enameling on copper. Various techniques introduced include stamping, stenciling, enamel on PMC, enamel on copper & kiln firing. $85 includes all supplies  (SJ)

Scrapbook Pendants 

A picture is worth a thousand words especially when its framed in glass and hung from your own designed necklace. You'll use your images or colored glass with basic soldering techniques. Bring your photocopied or printed pictures, cutouts, stamps, etc. $80 includes supplies for 3 pendants. Additional materials may be purchased during class if desired.   (SJ)


...there's always more...endless options...just ask!

*Note* Classes include use of our equipment, supplies & specific beads. If you wish, you may purchase any special beads, tools or supplies at a special discount the night of class! A non-refundable payment is required to reserve your seat.

Some other places to take fun classes in Sioux Falls...

Hands On Creativity Center at 8th & Railroad Center  

Horse Barn Arts Center at Falls Park

Washington Pavilion of Arts & Sciences

Yarn Knit at 8th & Railroad Center

Dakota Stained Glass




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